2015 Reunion in Review

This survey is for those who attended the 2015 All Class Reunion.  It will help us get a better idea of what went right, what went wrong, and guide us toward planning the next reunion in 2020.  All of your personal answers are confidential and will not be released.  

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1)   * How was your experience at the WT Sampson All Class Reunion?

  Hated It
  Didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would
  It was ok
  I had a good time
  Loved every second of it

Think upon your ENTIRE experience, especially if you were there more than just Saturday night.
2)   If you stayed at the Radisson, how was your experience as a hotel guest (on a scale of one to five)?

3)   Please give your thoughts on staying at the hotel as a guest if you did stay there

4)   * Please rate your experience regarding the main event Saturday night (on a scale of one to five).


Consider everything from the venue, to the food, the bar, etc.
5)   * Please give us your thoughts on the main event held at the Radisson on Saturday night

6)   * What statement closely fits in with your feelings on a 2020 All Class Reunion?

  I will not be attending the 2020 reunion
  I plan to attend the 2020 reunion, but only if it was within driving distance
  I plan to attend the 2020 reunion only if I can get there within 3 hours by plane
  I plan to attend the 2020 reunion no matter where it is
  I am not sure yet
7)   We know your favorite thing about the reunion was seeing your friends, meeting new friends, spending time with everyone. So what was your 2nd favorite thing?

  The Scavenger Hunt
  Group Photo
  Pizza Party
  The Door Prize raffle
  The gift bag items
  The extra items for sale
  The reunion t-shirt
8)   Please give us your thoughts on anything to do with the planned events or giveaway items at the reunion.

This is about the work the organizers did, NOT anything to do with the Radisson