In Memory

James Radcliffe - Class Of 1960

Date Of Birth: Dec-11-1941
Date Deceased: Jan-20-2004
Age at Death: 63
Classmate City: Pennsauken
Classmate State: NJ

Survived By: Mother: Betty B. Radcliffe, 2 sons and 2 grandsons. His "other" family; Significant Other: Marianne (Moore) (Farrell) Evans, 2 daughters, 1 son, 4 grandsons, and 1 predeceased granddaughter

Member of The Compassionate Friends and an artist, writer, and best friend. Jay passed peacefully in his sleep, on a cruise "at sea," as our ship was nearing St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Jay spent more than 10 years on base during his "growing up" years and always considered the base his hometown and all of us his family. We reconnected in our late 30s and became "a couple" a few years later. We were together for almost 17 years. Jay and I lived our "grandparent" years together. All of our grandchildren loved him and always had a sweet spot for Grandpa Jay! Our granddaughter who had a heart transplant at 18 days, lived with us and her mother until her passing at age 8. Shortly after her death Jay joined The Compassionate Friends organization and was a valued member until his passing four and a half years later. He was a loving, caring, kind, witty, and supportive person. We still miss him.   --- Marianne Moore Farrell Evans