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riding horses at the corral in 1979

Created on: 06/29/13 10:39 PM Views: 1449 Replies: 1
riding horses at the corral in 1979
Posted Saturday, June 29, 2013 10:39 PM

Hello , my name is Tammy Beasley (Flowers). We lived in gitmo  for 5yrs and i used to ride the school bus to the corral and ride horses till dark everyday.My friends called my mom   mama corral she leased a horse named cream and i rode a horse named paint. My friends were jackie edwards who rode a horse named abner and a jona. keene who had a horse named scrubby.There was alot of us girls that rode to the beach called windmill and would stay all day and swim and ride back.I miss all the fun we had,it was a great place to be a kid .I cant rember all the names of my friends, that rode to the beach one night but it became overcast and you couldnt even see your horse it was so dark  we rode by to the corral with one flash light and follow the leader and there was about 20 of us.

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RE: riding horses at the corral in 1979
Posted Tuesday, December 24, 2019 12:59 PM

I was there from 80-82. I used to hangout at the coral all the time. I remember I used to ride big horse named Tabby. He was a runner and hard to stop lol. Is this about the same timeframe?