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03/03/10 12:08 AM #19    

Lyndi Scott (1993)

Good lord!!!!!..Iam trying to respond to LaShawna and Shannon telling me...JUST SHUT UP!!!DO NOT TELL NIS ANYTHING!!!!.Was also in the back of a 'patty wagon' at the time!!!!........Then my Dad shows up at the base police station......Oh Crap!!!!!He had 7 words to say to me......Tell (1) The (2) Truth (3) Or (4) You (5) Are (6) DEAD (7)!!!!

03/12/10 01:56 PM #20    

Luis Irizarry (1991)

Alright Shawna. I have booked my room and also payed for my food on this site. Sure would be nice if the drinks were included. :)

05/19/10 11:48 PM #21    

Trey Alexander (1986)

Ok, I just bought our tickets, so Sherrie and I will be there!  I'm hoping that David and Andrea might be able to drive down with the kids for one day, but we'll have to wait and see -- his work schedule might not be flexible.

Anyone else who was in GTMO from '80 to '83, start buying those tickets so Teri and team can get the bills paid!  We want this to be a great reunion.  I'm looking forward to this MUCH more than my 25th high school reunion next year!

Trey Alexander (graduated high school in '86), now live in Cornelius, NC and work in Charlotte

06/26/10 07:22 AM #22    

Renee Hand (Nussbaum) (1989)

Teri awsome job on this web site, looking forward to the reunion.  My daughter and I will be down there one day early to go to disney world.  She will be turning 16 at the end of the month and she wanted tickets to disney, so I got her some.

11/10/10 12:13 PM #23    

Cindy Hansen (Campos) (1978)

WHAT REUNION?  There is a cruise in May... I am just finding out about such things.

I was in GTMO 75-76.  Tell me more about the reunion in July.  If you want more info on the May Reunion cruise email:

12/27/10 10:46 PM #24    

Ellen Ewell (Settle) (1960)

Hi everyone, would love to hear about the next reunion.  I was in the class of 60' and my brother Bert Ewell was the class of 64', (he just passed away last week, Dec.21st).  Please let me hear from anyone who knew him, or myself.  E-mail is  my maiden name is; Ellen Ewell.  Thanks!

02/24/11 05:07 PM #25    

Pamela Ash (Davis) (1976)

This is so neat!  I enjoy reading all of the posts.  Orlando was so fun last July.  Can't wait for the next one.   I'm thankful for my GTMO family.  ox

04/19/11 05:08 PM #26    

Erlinda Barrios (Camarillo) (1992)

Hello Everyone,


I am glad to hear so many people are getting involved with this site.  Great Job Teri!!! Any info on reunion please let me know.  I would love to see you all and catch up.  It has been a long time since those days. My time in GITMO was the best..

Linda ( Mouth of the South) Class of 1992

10/27/13 06:56 AM #27    

Freddie Bernhardy (Dowd) (1967)

51 yrs since the evacuation of gtmo. cuban missal crisis. imagine i have been away from there for 52 yrs. lord i miss that place. must get back there... looking forward to the reunion if i can make it there. teri wonderful job with the web site. thank u for helping me so much. anyone out there from the class of 1967?  get on board.


10/28/13 06:41 PM #28    

Penny Foster (1965)

Hi everyone.  Are there many out there who lived in GTMO between 1958 - 1960 who attend these get togethers.  I turned 13 the day my family left GTMO.  Also I would like to find Beverly Berry if anyone knows her whereabouts please let me know.  Lesley Foster


10/30/13 12:00 AM #29    

Jackie Fails (Stephenson) (1968)

Hi is there any still incontact with any one who lived on gtmo 1964 to 1967' we were the first dependents back on the base.i met my first husband on gtmo he was a marine.  Would be good to talk to Some of  the old gang. Hope some of us still kicking. Jackie stephenson fails.  (

02/05/14 10:37 PM #30    

Janice Arguelles (Spencer) (1968)

Jackie-I was there from 66-68. Class of '68. What class were you in? I'll have to look you up in my yearbook.

02/06/14 11:54 AM #31    

Divina Phillips (Lanzing) (1970)

Jackie I remember you! I was there till 1969,are you on face book?if you are send me a request Divina Phillips Lanzing

10/29/14 09:23 AM #32    


Laurie Weatherly (Cole) (1977)

Looking forward to the 2015 reunion, can't wait to see people I haven't seen in 40 years!

12/17/14 11:23 AM #33    

Pat Duffus (1975)

HI all Gtmo friends.. even  if i don't know some of you... HI !!!  .. looking forward to seeing my old friends and meet new ones.   Coming from Clearwater, Florida.... Class of 75.. was in Gtmo from 63-85.. then came back and was there in 97 for a few months only.

12/23/14 09:10 PM #34    

Lanae Pless (McCracken) (1959)

My name is LaNae Pless McCracken. I'm looking for anyone who was in Gitmo 1957-1959. Girl Scout leader Mrs. Tallifero! Had a brother named John Ross Pless . He swallowed a toothpick and had to be flown out to have it surgically removed !

01/19/15 12:02 PM #35    

Pat Duffus (1975)

Janis Green if you can see this ..i want to say Happy Birthday friend..  :)

01/20/15 11:20 AM #36    

Dayna Beuscher (Cramer) (1965)

im Dayna beuscher Cramaer class of 65 anyone in the Atlanta area?

03/13/15 02:04 AM #37    


Richard (Mark) Chevalier (1965)

laughPlaning to attend the Reunion if at all possible...would be great to see my young classmates again...hope I can make it ...Y'all come now ya hear !!!!!   1962-65

03/13/15 03:15 PM #38    


Linda Carlson (1966)

Hi, Mark! I was in 6th grade when you were a Senior. I'm looking at your yearbook pic now, crew-cut, glasses, nickname "Uke" and quite the pin-striped suit with bow tie! I feel as if I know all of you just because I used to look at your yearbook pics as I couldn't wait to be at the point all of you were!  I just noticed I had written my address in my '65 yearbook: 1254B-Villamar. I'm so glad I found this group! Hoping to make it to the reunion even if I probably won't know anyone! Regards, Linda Carlson

03/13/15 05:47 PM #39    


Teri Lawrence (Fitzgerald) (1992)

Linda - 

Being from there makes us all like family! :)  You'll leave with lots of new friends regardless!!! :)

03/14/15 02:09 PM #40    


Linda Carlson (1966)

I'm looking forward to the Reunion, I never thought I'd see ANYONE from those days. It's weird, on a trip to Africa I met a couple and they asked about my background, I mentioned Gitmo and they said a good friend of theirs had gone to High School there, her name was Barbara Griffen. I couldn't believe it, I didn't even have to check the yearbook as I knew who that was. As a 5th grader I LOVED her pic for the Navy Exchange as it showed her getting a diamond ring which was MAGIC to me at that time. Was able to contact her, we traded a few emails, and when I found out about this website I told her about it. Hoping to finally meet her and many other yearbook friends. Can't wait!

03/15/15 05:49 PM #41    

Judith Bonzak (Reynolds) (1968)

I was in Gitmo 1961-1962.  Stephanie Neill lived next door.  Would love to hear from classmates. 


05/04/15 02:46 PM #42    

Jeramey Schaffner (1988)

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05/05/15 11:59 AM #43    


Tania Haeussler (1986)

Awesome!!!!! Thanks, J-J-J Jeramy!!! ??

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