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03/15/15 05:49 PM #41    

Judith Bonzak (Reynolds) (1968)

I was in Gitmo 1961-1962.  Stephanie Neill lived next door.  Would love to hear from classmates. 


05/04/15 02:46 PM #42    

Jeramey Schaffner (1988)

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05/05/15 11:59 AM #43    


Tania Haeussler (1986)

Awesome!!!!! Thanks, J-J-J Jeramy!!! ??

07/19/15 12:39 PM #44    


Linda Carlson (1966)

Supreme load of thanks to Teri Lawrence Fitzgerald who helped me personally when my name had mysteriously disappeared from the Reunion Attendee List and who did an incredible job of managing all of US attendees at the 2015 reunion in Kissimmee FL. It was a blast. Thanks, Teri!  One thing that I'd ask in the future is that we not focus on who GRADUATED in Gitmo, many of us attended Elementary School there but graduated back in the States. For that reason I did not get up with the group 1960-1969 to get a group photo, in thinking back I should have but the expectations were for those who graduated. I was so happy to find new friends who had experienced what I did in Gitmo, no one else could possibly understand this and I feel so fortunate to have found this group. Thanks to all my new friends! See you all at the next one! Linda Carlson



07/20/15 01:37 PM #45    

Donna Michalozski (Costa) (1991)

As someone who attended middle school (6-8) grades at WTS in the mid 80's, and who also attended the 2010 reunion, you are absolutely part of your graduating class, regardless if you participated in graduation on the base. I obviously did not, but I consider myself just as much a part of the class of 1991. :-)

07/20/15 02:27 PM #46    


Josh King (1997)

I'll take the blame on whether or not there was any confusion for the group photos since I was the one calling everybody up.  Everything we do from the Facebook groups to this website is meant for ANYBODY who was at WT Sampson Schools. That includes people who attended but did not graduate.  That includes those who only attended the Elementary School. It also includes any teacher or staff member.  This is the number one issue we get asked about and we made sure it was addressed when we started to get the reunion together.    

The last thing I ever want to do is make anybody feel left out.  Pretty soon we will create a survey to get people's reactions and make things better for next time.


07/21/15 09:41 AM #47    

Lily Romero (1985)



Thank you to Terri , JJ and the rest of your team for all you did. I know it wasnt an easy task.

Suggestion---Although I live here in Orlando and love the fact that the reunion was so close to me,

Maybe the next reunion can be in Virginia Beach VA or Myrtle Beach SC..


Have a blessed week everyone!

Lily Romero 85'


07/21/15 10:32 AM #48    

Elaine Dolorzo (Sumera) (1991)

Thank you Terri and JJ as well as countless others who made the reunion happen...job well done. The event was well executed!!!

07/21/15 03:08 PM #49    


Erin Sharpe (Richardson) (1980)

Thank you JJ King for adding pictures for the Reunion video.  

07/22/15 12:46 PM #50    

James Nagy (1963)

* Who remembers Jim Nagy? I arrived @ Gitmo on 7/31/1956 by 'MATS' with my Mother, brother Bob & sister Lorri.  We had to sadley leave early 9/1958, because my Father a Navy Officer was transfered to Jacksonville, Fla. NAS then retired after 30 yrs. of service. During Baseball seasons, is when i really got excited, i  was a member of the Little League, the Eagles,1957, Manager Williingham,1958 season, a member of the Yankees, Manager Howell. I would have been in the Class of 1963, to view my Photo as i was standing proudly in my Eagles uniform during late Aug. 1957, go to my 1963 Class Profile. And any one who still retains those great memories of those long ago times, Please, E- Mail;  If any of you have PHOTOS FROM THE BASEBALL GAMES or Team the photo Celebrations, i do remember a base photographer did take team photos of each team as we were lined up on the field for the photo shoot. Each player should have been given a copy of the picture taken. I would enjoy an e mail scaned copy, since my photo has long been lost to time. Any questions from that time are certainly welcome. My MEMORY is good with the details of many events of those times. * Who remembers me & the REST of team Eagles & team Yanks?  My best to all, Jim Nagy, located in Boone Co. Ky. 7/10/16.

05/02/17 12:43 PM #51    


Sean Broderick (1982)

Found these post cards this morning. Can't tell when they were printed, but I would have bought them between 1977 and 1979.

05/02/17 06:09 PM #52    

Jane Ayotte (Behrns) (1991)

I love seeing these pictures they are awesome 

01/18/18 03:26 AM #53    

Sebrina Shafer (King) (1989)

I don’t know about you but it seems forever; we need anorher reunion soon !  Bahamas? 

01/27/18 05:05 PM #54    

Greggory Shaw (1989)

There is a reunion 28 July 2018 to Havana and Key West, it's posted on the homepage now at the very bottom !

Here is the Facbook event page:

02/11/18 01:01 PM #55    


Linda Carlson (1966)

Saw this article in The New York Times on living in Gitmo these days, thought you’d all be interested, enjoy!



02/12/18 03:33 PM #56    


Orlando Oliva (1966)

Thanks for posting that article, Linda. It brought back a lot of memories. Does anyone have any photos from then?

02/13/18 09:15 AM #57    

Cathy Chapman (1968)

There are several FB pages of GTMO.  There are lots of photo albums on:





02/13/18 11:15 AM #58    

Lucy Garrett (West) (1960)

The article about GTMO today was so interesting.  Shared it with my siblings (Johnny, Terry, Gina, Jean).

Wish we could attend the Reunion this year.  However, family obligations prevent our attending.  Would love to see everyone again!

02/13/18 05:22 PM #59    

Tara Lampman (Boulden) (1981)

Thanks, Linda!  That was an interesting article!  I guess that the reporter didn’t mention the mine fields for a particular reason!  Maybe she didn’t see them!  

02/14/18 01:31 PM #60    


Linda Carlson (1966)

Yeah, they conveniently omitted our beloved mine fields, ha! It WAS an interesting article, an espresso bar now, wow!

02/15/18 10:47 AM #61    


Sean Broderick (1982)

Speaking of mines...

Purchased as a fund-raiser souvenir in about 1979.

02/16/18 08:00 AM #62    

Denise Aanerud (McDonald) (1982)

We have a couple of these also, but our were permanately 'borrowed' from a fence.  I'm not sure, but, I think Dick Aanerud may have been involved

02/17/18 08:24 AM #63    

Tara Lampman (Boulden) (1981)

Denise, I have no doubt that your brother could have been involved with that!!!!  😀

02/17/18 02:03 PM #64    

Brian Baker (1986)

To all my classmates from 1986
I'm back on the rock

02/17/18 02:06 PM #65    

Brian Baker (1986)

That didn't sound right
I'm back in GTMO

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